Friday, May 14, 2010


We could all use a little of it. Here are a few images of our headlight for the bike. We made all the components. We made the lens from solid acrylic and the bucket and ring from aluminum.

The image above shows the light clamped to the mounting bracket which we welded to the head tube. Below is the assembled light with a sneak peak of some color.
Freshly polished lens above and below. We chose an HID kit with a respectable 8000k bulb for a nice bright light.
This is what it looked like after coming out of the CNC machine.

This whole assembly will soon be offered as new product from Cafe Fabrications.


  1. That is a sweeet headlight. Would love to get one of those on my bike.

  2. is possible buy this
    but with certified european glass stamp

  3. Neodev, It is possible to purchase this bike. Not positive on the European requirements. That could be resolved pretty by us though.

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