Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fresh Paint

The bike is getting some color added to it now and it's really starting to shape up. We painted the bike with a Dark Red using Glasurit paint. Best paint bar none.
Above is an image of one of the tank side covers. Below is the seat pan notice the cutout for the exhaust. As an FYI to some Nay Sayers out there. The seat pan below was formed and made by hand. That includes the exhaust cutout. Along with the tank covers.
This image below shows the tank covers, seat pan, and the oil tank. We decided to spray some Red on the oil tank too. Oh ya we made that oil tank! (by hand from aluminum)...
The Frame and motor will be getting sprayed with a flat black that has a slight metallic look to it. It should look amazing.

1 comment:

  1. hello guys...

    i've just visited your blog, watching the whole number of posts!


    it looks like u've been building a great cafe-racer there..
    but no updates?
    pics of the completed bike???