Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Frame Prep

We have been slaving away at the build like ant's after a rain storm. CF did a lot of mock up of all the mods we made to make sure the parts fit in their appropriate places. These are just a few pics of the frame work. I hope everyone is enjoying the build as much as we are.

The swing arm was cleaned up and new mounts added for the rear shocks to be bolted up. That's the license plate bracket on the non-drive side.

The below picture shows the springs mounted in there new location. The bracket at the front of swing arm on the frame is where the rearset will be mounted.

This pic shows the bottom of the frame. That bracket you see welded on is where we relocated the battery. CF made a battery box to house it inside of. It's a tight fit but we had no clearance issues. Really cleans the bike up.
Here are some more pics of the welds being cleaned up and touched up from factory work. The frame was shorten and those tips added for looks. The bracket at the rear of the bike is for the seat pan attachment. There is also some material added to where the seat will be. That will eventually be a heat shield that mounts in that location along with Dynomat for more heat protection.

p.s. A few people wanted to know the weight of the wheels. The front wheel with hub was 15.5lbs and the rear with hub was 13.5lbs. Also the size is Front 19" /3" and the Rear 18" / 5.5".

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