Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pre Assembly

Here are a few pictures of the bike during Pre Assembly. Sorry for the poor pics the Digital SLR battery was dead. This was with my phone at dusk. But you can see the bike in its stages of assembly. The wheels are in the back ground with no hubs on them. We saved something like 11lbs by making our own wheels opposed to using a stock set up. These make a huge difference in the rotational weight on the bike. Acceleration and deceleration are greatly improved. Wrapping that exhaust was a BITCH and messy as hell. But we really liked the look it gives the bike.

The picture with the front of the bike showing the light mounted and the Clip On you will notice that we did an internal throttle and the cable housing exits through the Clip On clamp. Very nice clean look to match the rest of the bike.

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