Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mock up / Exhaust work...

Here's the latest mock up of the bike and how we intend to have it sit once it's finished. The tank is now molded so we can make fiberglass models for aftermarket purchase. The exhaust was thought up by Jesse. Which I think looks amazing by the way!! We removed the air box and relocated the oil tank as you can see. The exhaust is going to breath out the back of the seat pan (shown in below pictures). This is that modern yet vintage look we're going for. Hope you like it... If not then build your own and show CF what you got!

If you look close in the above pic you can see the relocated foot peg. (On the right dummy!)

We intend to wrap the exhaust so you don't burn the piss out of your leg!!!


  1. Wouldnt want to burn the piss out of my legs. HA.

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  3. very nice work.